Must Haves

Here are some of the things you must have to make your business smarter:

Folder Lock Software

Folder Lock is an encryption/decryption program that enables you to keep your data secret. I use it to encrypt my clients' data before I place it in the cloud. It also has a number of other very useful features eg,

  1. Clean history ... gets rid of all deleted files permanently so they cannot be traced
  2. Lock CD or USB drive so that only you can access it
  3. Carry out a secure backup
  4. Encrypt and compress files before attaching them to an email message
folder lock link

AxCrypt Folder and Disk Encryption Software (Free)

This software enables you to encrypt folders/directories that will prevent hackers or other intruders from accessing your files. There is a free version but the premier version is a reasonably priced edition with much more on offer to businesses.

folder lock link

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